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Why Offset Printing Is Right for You

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What is Offset Printing?

Offset printing near me is the most widely used printing technique on the planet. Offset Printing, also known as Offset Lithography, is a mass-production method utilised by most enterprises and organisations that print large numbers and require consistent quality and affordable costs.Offset printing press near me is best for quantities of 500 or more, but there are additional benefits to offset printing as well:

  • For greater quantities, it is more cost effective.
  • The best quality possible
  • Various types of paper and ink can be utilised.
  • Offset printing comes in a variety of forms:

    Offset printing is divided into three categories: web, sheet-fed, and quick set.

    A continuous paper feeding method is used by Web Offset. After printing, the pages are cut and divided. This is the best option for orders with a high volume, such as newspapers, books, or magazines.

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    Sheet-fed printing used by offset printers near me requires precut pages, which makes it less suitable for high volumes. Sheet-fed printing, on the other hand, enables for printing on a variety of materials such as cardboard, plastic, and metal.

    Finally, if you want the highest-quality pictures, such as trademarks or journals, you'll need Quick Set offset printing.

    What Is Offset Printing and How Does It Work?

    The technique of offset printing near me is actually fairly easy. The image is printed on the paper by three cylinders working together. The printing plate and ink are on the first cylinder. The image is subsequently transferred to the second cylinder.

    The image is subsequently transferred on the paper by feeding the paper between the second and third cylinders. To create a layered full-color image, this technique is done with all of the colours from the CMYK model.

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     brochure printing in coimbatore

    When Should You Use Offset Printing?

    Bottom line: Offset is a great option for high quality, larger run projects of 400+. It's also ideal if you need custom paper or specialty ink. It doesn’t make much sense for smaller projects as the equipment is a significant investment, however, once the systems are in place, offset printing press near me can be a very a very affordable option in the long-run. For smaller runs opt for digital printing.