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What Kind of Printing Plates Are Used in Offset Printing Services?

The offset printing plates serve an important purpose in allowing us to print on various materials and forms of offset printing.

They are various materials plates that are used by the best offset printing in Coimbatore on which ink is applied and pressed to the printing cylinder, after which the cylinder presses the paper or material to obtain the desired impression. As you can see, these plates are clearly important in the printing process for achieving the best quality offset printing services and it could not be done without them. Depending on the process, type of printing, and goals, we can find various types of offset printing plates, which we will discuss below.

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In general, three types of offset printing plates are known amongst the best offset printing in Coimbatore: gravure, aluminium, and lithographic plates. Let's learn more about each of them.

Gravure plates or plates:

Intaglio plates are typically used to produce higher-quality prints by best quality offset printing services that recreate images more accurately. It is important to note that in order to use these types of plates for offset printing, the following conditions must be met:

  • The application of specialised inks.
  • And some process changes to achieve excellent results in the final impression.

These plates are primarily used in the production of newspapers and other graphic products that require a high level of attention to detail when printing.

Lithographic plates:

Lithographic plates serve an intriguing purpose: they aid in the printing process by repelling ink in areas where we don't want it to go which is similar to the style of work seen with best offset printing in Coimbatore.

Because lithographic plates repel water, a type of water film can form on areas that we do not want to print.

They are also widely used plates because of the advantage they provide to those who choose to print with best quality offset printing services.

Metal plates:

Finally, metal plates for offset printing are discussed. In this case, we will only discuss aluminium plates because they are the most common and well adapted for best offset printing in Coimbatore. When printing offset, aluminium plates are the most commonly used.

This is due to the fact that it is an extremely resistant material, and you will have no problems receiving various types of treatments that can be useful when making any impression even with best offset printing in Coimbatore.

On the other hand, it has no side effects related to the chemicals used in the process, and it is a relatively easy material to mould.

Digital plates:

The reason why people are less known about digital offset printing plates are because they have not been around the world unlike other mentioned plates that have been in use for centuries which is why it is crucial that businesses with best quality offset printing services promote them with their customers. Even then it is expected by few best offset printing in Coimbatore and experts of the printing market that digital offset printing plates will go on to take the majority of the printing in the upcoming years thus making it wise to know few information about this plate variant.

Digital plates are classified into three different categories that are:

  • heat sensitive plates
  • light sensitive plates
  • And plates that do not involve any processing

For thermal plates, they are considered by the best offset printing in Coimbatore most used and offer the best advantages today. It has a long life and is sensitive to UV light, making it easy to use in this process with UV inks. One of its advantages is that images and replicas are completely preserved without any problems.

Photosensitive plates respond to different types of light, such as green, violet, red, and blue light which High5 Prints has seen from being the best offset printing in Coimbatore. One of their drawbacks is that they require chemical treatment for use in the printing process.

Finally, plates that require no chemical processing work with different layers used to reproduce images on paper (or other materials). Of course, in order for these plates to be usable, a specialized systems have to be used to clean any remaining residue from them.