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What is Spot UV Printing?

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What is Spot UV Printing, and how does it work?

Those looking to add a unique look to their business card designs can choose from a variety of speciality printing processes available at printing services in Coimbatore. Full-Color Spot UV business cards, like our postcards, are popular because of their adaptability, impact, and cost.

What is Spot UV and how does it work?

You might be shocked to learn that Spot UV printing in Coimbatore is actually a method for coating printed products rather than a printing technique. While it may appear futuristic, the method is actually quite straightforward. UV light is used to cure a varnish that has been applied to the printed material.

Although this process of printing services in Coimbatore can be used on white paper or card stock, it works best on color-printed materials to increase gloss, protect colour, and keep moisture and damage out in order to preserve the product.

It is noted for being environmentally beneficial because to its lack of volatility. As a result, very little varnish produces a gas that can escape into the atmosphere.

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Spot UV Printing's Advantages:

  • Shine to the max
  • Friendly to the Environment
  • Smudging should be avoided.
  • Exceptional clarity

UV printing in Coimbatore may produce a variety of outcomes using various approaches. If you're interested in using this function, it works best with heavier card paper, thus thick business cards (16PT, 19PT), premium stock (Silk laminated and Velvelt laminated), or printed flyers are the most typical uses.

The "spot"

The "spot" part alludes to the possibility to employ this technique on only a portion of a page if desired; it's primarily used for ornamental purposes. Because it has the ability to darken the colour of the places it is applied to, this attribute should be considered while designing a product.

There are a number of items that allow printing services in Coimbatore to include this lovely transparent finish. Images, logo patterns, text, and other elements of your design can be readily highlighted.

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The following products can benefit from spot UV:

  • Business Cards
  • Postcards
  • Presentation Folders
  • Greeting Cards
  • Hang Tags
  • Trading Cards