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What is CTP in Printing & It’s Types?

CTP (computer-to-plate) is an imaging technique that allows a digital picture created on a computer to be transferred straight to a printing plate. Computer-to-film (CTF) technology was previously used, in which the image output was delivered to a photographic film by offset printers in Coimbatore which was then used to create the printing plate. This method is comparable to that used in darkroom photography. All darkroom processes are eliminated using CTP technology, making it cost-effective for offset printing in Coimbatore. Because CTP is a considerably faster process than film-based printing, printing productivity skyrockets.

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3 Types of Computer-to-Plate Methods:

Switching to a new plate could be a good financial decision for offset printers in Coimbatore that also benefits CTP production.

Businesses all across the world are making the move to digital technologies. In the printing industry, there are no exceptions. And, as the market for Computer-to-Plate (CTP) technology grows, equipment manufacturers are expanding their product lines and releasing new CTP plate solutions.

As more options become accessible, purchase decisions for business owners get more difficult.

Here are the key differences:

Internal Drum Imagesetters:

A fixed plate is inserted into a cylinder with an internal drum imagesetter, and the imaging head moves along the cylinder's axis to expose the plate. A spinning mirror at the imaging head's end spins around the axis to direct the laser onto the image-duplicating portion of the plate. Internal drum imagesetters can make employing many lasers at the same time more difficult. However, using a single laser has its own set of benefits, including uniform light intensity throughout the entire plate during the imaging period.

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External Drum Imagesetters:

Images of external drum setters are notable for their straightforward construction, which allows operators to stack many image heads next to each other and use them simultaneously. During offset printing in Coimbatore the plate is wrapped around a drum that revolves around its axis, while the imaging head, which projects images onto the plate, moves along the axis, focusing the laser beam onto the plate's surface. This method of production reduces the amount of time it takes to expose the printing plates for offset printers in Coimbatore.

Flat-bed Imagesetters:

The image is reproduced line-by-line onto a fixed, flat printing plate using a laser beam that is first deflected by a revolving polygon mirror and then reflected onto the printing plate. Because the setting of this sort of laser beam can provide less accuracy at the boundaries of the printing plate, it is more commonly used for printing smaller sizes or images with lower quality demands by offset printers in Coimbatore.

CTPs provides a number of advantages in the working of offset printing in Coimbatore, including improving picture sharpness, eliminating faults in plates produced by emulsion scratches and dust on the film, streamlining film exposure and processing, and lowering expenses and daily management functions of film processing and total production.

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