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What Are the Different Types of Carton Boxes in Use for Best Carton Box Printing in Coimbatore?

To meet everyone's needs, folding and rigid cartons are manufactured in a variety of shapes and sizes. Here are a few examples:

Boxboard/Paperboard cartons

Boxboard paper is made of a thick paper-based material with a grammage greater than 250 GSM. The advantage of using paperboard among the best printing services near me that we have witnessed is that it can be intricately folded and printed with vibrant colours; additionally, it can be lined with other materials. As a result, the finished products are eye-catching, making them ideal for retail items that can be placed on supermarket shelves. For superior carton box printing in Coimbatore the boxboards are laminated for added strength and water resistance. These boards are commonly used in cosmetic packaging, electronic packaging, stationery packaging, and other applications. Paperboard boxes can be easily recycled if metalised ink is not used and they are not laminated.

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Corrugated boxes

These are the most common type of carton boxes used by companies that you find when searching for best printing services near me, these are also known as shipping boxes, corrugated fiberboard, and combined boxes. These boxes are made from three layers of corrugated sheets. The wavy middle layer is known as the flute, and it helps to cushion the product that is packed in it thus benefitting carton box printing in Coimbatore. This layer is protected on both sides by flat outer layers known as liners. This structure increases the bending rigidity of the box. Corrugated boxes are light in weight but strong and durable, so you can rely on them. These boxes are available in a variety of densities and thicknesses. Depending on the application, it can also be manufactured with double or triple walls.

Braille Cartons

These cartons are designed specifically by the best printing services near me for visually impaired customers and are primarily used in the pharmaceutical industry. Customers can touch and read braille characters embossed on these cartons.

Slotted Cartons

This type of carton is useful for storage and shipping because it is mostly made of corrugated paper. They are held together with staples and tapes, and the production of slotted cartons is less expensive for carton box printing in Coimbatore. Because it is slotted, it is strong and secures the product inside.

Aseptic Cartons

These are multi-layered sustainable packaging ideas for storing liquid foods like soups, juices, desserts, and baby foods that are highly recommended by the best printing services near me. The multi-layers of polyethylene, paperboard,aluminium barrier, and more plastic layers are attached using heat or adhesives. It is difficult to recycle them because of these layers. However, when used on food items, it not only extends the shelf life but also preserves thecolour, texture, and nutritional value of the product. Aseptic packaging has the unique properties of withstandinghigh temperatures and not corroding even whencontaining acidic items for an extendedperiod of time.

Gable top cartons are aseptic cartons with a separate plastic cap. These are helpful for storing refrigerated foods such as milk and juices. The liquid food can be poured out whenever needed, and the cartons can be reused several times.

Five Panel Wraps

A large sheet of cardoard is bent by service providers of carton box printing in Coimbatore to create five sides or panels in this type of carton; they are also known as smarty boxes due to their unique design. Five-panel cartons aremost commonly used to pack long items like hockey and golf sticks, tennis rackets, bats, and other similar items.

What Are The Different Types Of Carton Packaging ?

One can broadly classify carton packaging into two types.

Folding Cartons

These cartons are made from a single sheet of paper. Because they are mostly made of paperboard, they are also known as paper board cartons or paperboard boxes by even the best printing services near me. It is sometimes made of corrugated board or fiberboard. The single sheet is die-cut and then folded to form a box. It can be further customised with print and surface finishing techniques such as lamination, embossing, foiling, glueing, and other features. The best folding carton examples are cereal boxes and pizza boxes, which show how a single sheet of paper is folded to make the top, sides, and bottom.

Rigid Cartons

These cartons are distinct from folding cartons and are also known as telescopic cartons. The top and bottom parts of rigid cartons are separated from each other and are made of two different sheets of cardboard. Rigid cardboard is more durable and will not collapse or fold. They are typically used by the reputed companies of carton box printing in Coimbatore for products where perceived value is more important, as well as products that are heavy and require additional support. Rigid cardboard packaging can be found in shoe boxes, clothing, and electronics, such as an iPhone box.