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What are labels and stickers?

Most people confuse labels and stickers and use them interchangeably, much like they would compare a movie to a movie or a car to a car. Surprise, surprise, surprise. Between labels and stickers, there are two significant differences. How they're manufactured and how they're put to use in real-world scenarios. We being a company that deals with label sticker printing in Coimbatorewanted to provide a clear description of the differences and when you should use each as a top manufacturer of both self-adhesive labels and stickers.

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What they have in common:

  • Both labels and stickers are adhesive.
  • Both are usually composed of tough vinyl or film and have a paper backing to protect the "sticky" glue.
  • They come with either a permanent or a removable adhesive.
  • Both are frequently printed on the same machines.
  • What exactly is a label?

    A label's primary function is to identify a product or an object. Information is provided through label printing in Coimbatore. They're used on things like product packaging, shipping boxes and envelopes, and warehouse shelves, among other things.

    Labels are often made out of either paper or film. The materials used during label printing in Coimbatore are usually thinner and engineered to peel away from the backing quickly and easily. Labels are usually available in two formats. Sheet labels, which must be applied by hand, are ideal for smaller jobs. Roll labels, which may be applied by hand or machine, are ideal for high-volume jobs.

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    What exactly is a sticker?

    Stickers are the "hero" in and of themselves. Through the latest techniques of sticker printing in Coimbatore they're usually professionally produced and used to promote a brand or cause, represent a team or organisation, or express oneself. Individually cut, they are frequently delivered in a stack rather than on a sheet or roll.

    Custom stickers are intended to be distributed or sold without knowing where they will end up. The stickers are left up to the end-users to determine what to do with them. They might slap them on their laptop, thermal water bottle, skateboard helmet, vehicle window, or just keep them as "swag."

    Sticker printing in Coimbatoreis often exposed to tough environments so they require added durability. Most stickers are made of either vinyl or film materials that have a UV varnish or laminate to protect them from things such as water, sunlight and incidental scratches and scuffing,

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