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UV Printing and its Advantages

UV printing in Coimbatore has its own procedure, unlike traditional printing, which enables ink to dry naturally on the paper. Rather than standard solvent-based inks, which are cured using ultraviolet lamps, special UV inks are employed. The solvents in solvent-based inks evaporate into the air as the ink is absorbed by the paper. There are a number of reasons why UV printing services in Coimbatore are beneficial.

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A broader scope of print applications:

LEDs are cool to the touch and produce very little heat, which allows for a wider range of printing services in Coimbatore. You may use them to print on heat-sensitive materials including thin slides, self-adhesive sheets, and stretched PVC. Limited heat generation also enables very stable calibration for UV printing in Coimbatore.

Faster operations, higher productivity:

LED bulbs can be turned on and off instantaneously, with no loss of brightness. There is no light warm-up time or shutter motion delay as a result of this. The result? Faster operations and higher productivity in UV printing services in Coimbatore. There is no need for operators to wait to begin working.

Highly durable:

LEDs are extremely long-lasting, lasting 10,000 hours, which means they may last up to five years or the lifetime of a printer, depending on how they are used. They generate a consistent output for printing services in Coimbatore throughout their lifespan with no lamp change downtime or any consumable lamp costs. Because LED lamps emit less heat, it's simpler to maintain the media flat under the shuttle. This eliminates head crashes and thus less need for rework that would waste media and ink in UV printing in Coimbatore. Furthermore, an LED system has less elements that may need to be replaced, such as shutters and mirrors.

 Digital Printing service near me
 Digital Printing service near me

Significant energy savings:

LEDs have a lower energy consumption than mercury bulb lamps, which leads to significant power savings and a higher ROI in the long run for your UV printing services in Coimbatore.


There is no requirement for mercury disposal or any associated expenditures because UV LED lights do not contain mercury. LEDs also don't emit ozone gas, which means they don't need to be ventilated. As a result of this, it can be clearly defined that UV printing in Coimbatore is an eco-friendlier option in this line of work.