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The Most Common Complaints About Digital Printing, and Why They're Bunk

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Poor Registration of Colors

Have you ever seen an image with a solid colour running around the edge of a full-color image? Frequently, this is due to incorrect registration. When colours that should be printed on top of each other don't line up, strange "special effects" appear, such as double pictures or a solid line of colour at the edge of an image or text. This is frequently a sign of an issue with the digital press's upkeep faced by digital printing in Coimbatore.

Banding in Large, Solid Areas

When "bands" appear throughout your printed sheet, this is known as banding. Due to a variety of difficulties, there are sometimes bands in huge printed solid sections where there is more or less ink. Every digital printers in Coimbatore has a technical restriction on how large a solid colour area it can print reliably. This issue can also be caused by the paper moving too quickly through the printer, media skewing, or a high pre-heater setting.

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Inconsistent Color

Colors differ from one printer to the next used during digital printing in Coimbatore. Color matching between prints from different printers is quite tough. However, this is to be expected because different printers will interpret your colour settings differently. While it won't totally solve the issue, regular printer calibration can assist to lessen inconsistency.

Cracks on Folds

Toner lies on top of the paper in digital printing rather than soaking into it like ink does in offset printing. As a result, when digitally printed pieces by digital printers in Coimbatore are folded, the toner will fracture. You can try to avoid this by using less toner or scoring the paper before it is printed. There will be less toner to crack if you use less toner. Scoring the page before printing provides the toner with a pre-determined structure to lay down on top of before folding, which may assist reduce cracking.

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