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The Latest Trends in UV Printing

While UV printing technology has been around for a while, the pace of invention and development in this field indicates that more advanced solutions will continue to be introduced in the coming years that would benefit UV printing in Coimbatore.

With this in mind, High5 Prints examines some of the most recent product launches from the industry's biggest manufacturers, determining how these advancements can assist users in expanding their businesses.

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Highly versatile technology:

First and foremost, Ricoh offers a variety of UV print solutions, the most recent of which is the Ricoh Pro TF6251 UV flatbed printer. The roll-to-roll capability on this 116sq m/hr hybrid, according to Ricoh, enables for greater media diversity and application possibility.

The Ricoh Pro TF6251 comes with two types of inks: Ricoh DG130 versatile UV ink with high adhesion and Ricoh GP120 graphic art UV ink with large colour gamut for additional flexibility, according to Sondaal.

Other innovations include ColorGATE Productionserver Select and a revised user interface that allows for last-minute tweaks and streamlines operation with capabilities like as auto material thickness identification.

Wide range of applications and markets:

Elsewhere and swissQprint agree that UV printing services near mehas a lot of benefits for users, and that the technology can open up a lot of lucrative areas. UV printing in Coimbatore allows users to create a variety of applications since the ink adheres to a variety of materials, while accuracy is great thanks to a huge colour gamut and low ink consumption makes it cost effective. The technology is also efficient in that it does not require drying or lamination, allowing postpress processing to begin immediately after printing, and it is environmentally friendly due to the use of solvent- and VOC-free inks, with swissQprint's inks being Greenguard Gold certified.

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Going green with UV printing:

Looking elsewhere, EFI believes that UV printing services near me provides not only a variety of significant productivity improvements, but also significant environmental benefits.

EFI UV LED technology offers long-term benefits such as lower power use, no bulb replacement, and less waste. It does away with the requirement for high-powered lamps to ensure good picture adherence as well as extra heat to evaporate water from printed images.

Multiple production benefits:

UV printing in Coimbatore has a lower environmental effect because it is a solvent-free method with no need for heaters to dry the ink. Its one-of-a-kind drying technology, UV curing, employs light instead of heat to harden the inks in seconds.

As a result, UV printing services near me allows for faster drying times, resulting in increased production. Prints are ready for usage or additional processing without the requirement for post-curing or degassing. It's also a great choice for rigid media because it allows users to print directly to the media rather than printing on roll media and then laminating onto solid substrates, plus it's scratch resistant.

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