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The 7 Best Print Finishes Used by Printing Services in Coimbatore

It all boils down to catching people's attention and standing out when it comes to print marketing and printing service in Coimbatore. You don't want your business card to fall to the bottom of the stack or for your brochure to get lost among the many others. For this reason, it's crucial to use creativity in print marketing—both in terms of design and print finishes. Your brand will stand out and become memorable if you add little extra touches that can hold someone's interest for even a little moment longer. Here are some advices often followed by best printing shop in Coimbatore on how to get the most out of our favourite print finishes.

Foil Stamping

If your offset printers in Coimbatore employ foil stamping, your print marketing materials will stand out. A heated metal die and a foil stamping machine are used in the process to give your print a shiny sheen. A dash of glitz can be added with gold and silver writing or line art, and entertaining and futuristic designs can be achieved with holographic foil. For clear lines, such as writing, and for larger design elements rather than microscopic details, foil stamping is advised for printing service in Coimbatore.

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Print marketing is frequently perceived as a two-dimensional medium, but this isn't always the case. The century-old technique of embossing a common printing service in Coimbatore creates raised pattern elements, or reliefs, on a piece of paper using two dies. Business cards, stationery, and certificates are among the professional print materials that most frequently use the three-dimensional impression. But it can also provide postcards, invitations, brochures, and other materials texture in addition to giving them a touch of class. Our embossing services are flexible; you may incorporate many embossed layers into a single design and select from a variety of edge effects, such as straight, curved, or sloped edges. Moreover, print shops in Coimbatore can mix foil stamping and embossing for more visual and tactile intrigue.

Die Cuts

Die cutting is essentially basically like using a cookie cutter for paper, despite the fact that it may sound quite complex. The best printing shop in Coimbatore such as ours can practically cut any form into your print materials to provide dimension and, in certain circumstances, function using specially shaped blades. You can design an interactive slide and reveal card, make practical cuts for door hangers, or die cut your logo's outline on a brochure and overlay it on a contrasting page to make it stand out. You can even cut out a shape on your business card to make it more tactile. There are a tonne of options available to you in die cuts amongst printing services. In the end, incorporating a bespoke die cut can help differentiate your print media from the competition and increase brand recognition among those who come into contact with it.

Custom Folds

When talking about folding in print marketing or printing services in Coimbatore, examples like tri-fold brochures and folded cards immediately spring to mind. Without a doubt, they are fantastic, but there are countless additional paper-folding techniques you may use to improve your marketing materials. A cheap method to give your prints dimension and even interactivity is using custom folds found with digital printers in Coimbatore. For instance, you might strategically incorporate folds to give the reader a revelation sensation. You can even make expandable or three-dimensional designs.


Go no further than lamination if you want to add durability to your print materials manufactured by offset printers in Coimbatore while maintaining a uniform, professional print surface. I'm talking about liquid laminate. Liquid lamination, sometimes referred to as UV coating, is made out of a transparent liquid coating that is put to paper and dries to form a thin durable layer. If your printed materials have been laminated by the best printing shops in Coimbatore, they will be more resistant to moisture, the sun, as well as against fingerprints, scratches, and scuffs. Both a high gloss and a matte finish, which both improve the colour and quality of your design and offer a soft feel, are options for a visual effect. Several business that offer printing service in Coimbatore vouch that lamination enhances the durability of posters, signage, and other high-touch prints such as business cards, brochures, and menus.

Soft Touch

A Soft Touch coating by the best printing shop in Coimbatore will help you advance your print marketing. This print treatment prolongs the life of your prints and makes them stain- and fingerprint-resistant, much like liquid lamination. The tactile attraction of Soft Touch implemented by digital printers in Coimbatore, however, is its true worth. Soft Touch gives your prints a rich, velvety touch that will entice clients' fingers to linger for a little while longer. It works best when combined with high gloss paper. Moreover, it can increase aesthetic qualities, especially dark colours, which are made to appear more opulent by the velvet-like coating. Whether it's a business card, postcard, brochure, or catalogue, Soft Touch service available at print shop in Coimbatore can be used on all or just a portion of the print to produce dynamic visual and tactile contrasts.

Spot UV

Spot UV is one of the most widely employed print finishes by printing services in Coimbatore on the market right now for a reason. Your print gains glossy details from the quick-drying (and environmentally friendly!) coating, creating a beautiful contrast and special light-catching effects. Spot UV can be added to an image on the front of your print that is very brilliant to make it even more noticeable and draw attention. Spot UV can be advantageously used in a variety of situations. For the best contrast, print shops in Coimbatore use glossy print finish with matte paper. For greater impact, combine glossy print finish with soft touch.

Finding the Right Print Finish

High5 Prints one of the best digital and offset printers in Coimbatore is more than pleased to assist you if you're still unclear about which of these print finishes is appropriate for your marketing campaign or brand materials. Call us to discuss your requirements, and we'll tell you which of our print finish options will work best for you.