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Pros and Cons of CMYK screen printing

The acronym CMYK stands for Cyan–Magenta–Yellow–Black. This is also referred to as process printing. A process print reduces colour to save money for printing services in Coimbatore. If a print has seven colours, the number of colours can be reduced to four: Cyan–Magenta–Yellow–Black. We can achieve the same colour impact / tone with these four colours as we can with the seven. Expert printers in Coimbatore determine which colours can be blended with others to reduce the size of the screen, and then develop a Photoshop design file. This is an incredible print process idea. Because the CMYK print reduces colour, it presents several practical challenges when used.

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Because the cyan, magenta, and yellow printing plates are meticulously keyed, or aligned, with the key of the black key plate in four-color printing, the "K" in CMYK also stands for key. According to some sources, the "K" in CMYK is derived from the last letter of the word "black" and was chosen because B already stands for blue halftoning. A key plate in printing is the plate that prints the image's detail. When printing colour images with numerous ink colours, the coloured inks usually don't have a lot of image detail. The lines and/or contrast of the image are provided by the key plate, which is normally imprinted with black ink. The key plate, on the other hand, might have been printed in the darker of the two colours in two-color photographs where neither colour was black. However, unsaturated and dark colours are produced by employing black ink instead of cyan, magenta, and yellow ink to save money on ink by offset printing in Coimbatore to achieve deeper black tones.

The CMYK model masks colours on a lighter, usually white, backdrop partially or completely.

CMYK in the screen print

CMYK was formerly only used for paper printing services in Coimbatore, but because of its low cost and simple procedure, it has since been expanded to include all types of print. Because the garment is the primary medium for exhibiting print, this technique is increasingly widely utilised on dresses.

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Advantages of CMYK technique:

  • Printing using fewer colour processes and screens.
  • Increased output.
  • Cutting costs as much as possible.
  • Good hand feel due to the lack of colour on the ground.
  • Because of the common colour scheme, CMYK colour can be used for a variety of print items.

Disadvantages of CMYK technique:

Using the CMYK process for screen on garment involves a number of challenges and drawbacks. If you haven't worked with CMYK on a garment before, this article will help you get started, and those that have can provide fresh ideas so that readers may receive a better solution. Discussions here, on the other hand, are based on personal experience.

Shade Variation: The most difficult aspect of CMYK on screen is 'shade variation.'

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This is fairly typical with the CMYK process – making print color/shade variations despite using the same ink, operator, and printing services in Coimbatore on the same day. The shade variance can be one or two shades, but it can also be ten shades. No customer will accept this variation for his order, which he will sell in the store, and the store will be overrun with different shades of the same style. This will leave his consumer (end user) perplexed as to which colour he should buy. As a result, most buyers will be hesitant to accept the alteration. This is a critical topic for screen printing since it informs buyers about what is practical and what cannot

be avoided. Shade fluctuation is unavoidable with the CMYK approach for printers in Coimbatore, but what can we do about it? We can reduce the variety and make the buyer feel less threatened.

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