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Get to Know Some of the Most Used Type of Package Printing in Coimbatore

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You must contrast and compare the numerous package printing procedures that are appropriate for your product when approaching packaging printers in Coimbatore for redesigning the packaging. There are various printing technologies out there, and they are all suitable for certain end-use scenarios. This guide includes all the information you require to determine the best printing options for your product such as packaging printing services near me.


For large or flat goods like folding cartons, corrugated packaging, and huge labels used on packaging and retail displays, offset lithography is frequently utilised by the best package printers in Coimbatore. The picture is set to an aluminium plate and then transferred to a rubber blanket for processing in litho printing. The picture is then printed onto a substrate and, for better appearance and protection, may be treated with a coating or varnish by packaging printing services near me.

Pros This option is appropriate for printing high volumes of graphics in high-quality formats in small to large format sizes. In the field of package printing in Coimbatore, offset litho is frequently regarded as the gold standard by which other techniques are judged. Color matching is incredibly precise, and post-print enhancements like gloss coating or foil decoration can give an item a more upscale appearance. Fast printing speed is another benefit of offset printing for packaging printers in Coimbatore, in addition to high quality printing and a wide range of finishing options.

Cons Because aluminium plates must be manufactured specifically for each job, lithographic printing can be pricey for smaller quantities. Most print companies and the best package printers in Coimbatore charge a setup cost to create the plate, regardless of order volume. With the plate price, most businesses find it prohibitively expensive to offer customisation, limited production runs, and versioning.

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For high-volume labels and flexible packaging, including food and beverage products, flexographic printing, sometimes known as "flexo," has been the method of choice for several decades with packaging printing services near me. Aptly named for its flexibility, the pattern is printed quickly and easily on a flexible rubber relief plate that is wrapped around a cylinder. High speeds and low operating costs are achieved by packaging printers in Coimbatore by using an anilox roller, a metal or ceramic cylinder with microscopic "cells," to transfer the ink to the plate before it makes contact with the substrate and transfers the image. Flexography has developed through time for the best package printers in Coimbatore to include more automation and better quality, to the point that its supporters frequently claim that high-grade flexo quality can now compete with offset.

Pros Flexography has fewer printing restrictions for the best package printers in Coimbatore and is generally more cost-effective for extremely large print runs. In contrast to offset lithography, which necessitates that the printed substrate be flat, this technique allows for the printing of nearly any shape or format. For high-speed production lines where labels to be put on roll-formed items rather than sheets, flexography is the best option for packaging printers in Coimbatore. Flexography can produce spot colours that are exactly matched and produces high-quality print images.

Cons Flexography might be the best option for businesses such as the packaging printing services near me that are searching for affordable solutions, but it also has disadvantages. Traditional flexographic printing is cost-prohibitive for serialisation and other types of unique codes, as well as for low volume tasks for goods with numerous SKUs or design variants. Cheap flexographic packaging printers in Coimbatore frequently struggle to produce sharp print quality and correct or seamless colour gradients.

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The usage of digital printing for product packaging is expanding quickly amongst the best package printers in Coimbatore. Despite being more recent than flexo, offset, and gravure printing, digital printing is rapidly developing and improving. Because of its faster speeds, cheaper operating costs, and better quality, inkjet in particular continues to become more widely used by packaging printing services near me.

Particularly corrugated packaging and folding cartons are among the many goods and surfaces that these digital presses and printers can work on. Digital printing, which was originally thought of as a supplementary technology to traditional print techniques amongst the best package printers in Coimbatore, is now seen as a viable, mainstream alternative in short-, medium-, and long-run packaging.

Pros Digital printing is more economical than conventional processes in smaller volumes. Some packaging printers in Coimbatore have hybrid flexographic/digital printing capabilities, giving firms the chance to print variable graphics, text, and codes from a digital station while still receiving exactly matched spot colours from flexographic print stations. Versioned images, variable data, and personalization—trends that have swept the packaging industry and packaging printing services near me seem set to stay—are some of the major advantages of digital printing.
On a range of packaging substrates available with packaging printers in Coimbatore, such as folding cartons, flexible packaging, shrink sleeves, and labels, digital printing systems like the HP Indigo Digital Press are able to produce work of exceptional quality. Unique coding, versioning, serialisation, and mass customization are effective and affordable advantages offered to businesses by the best package printers in Coimbatore.

Cons For very long runs, digital printing available with packaging printers in Coimbatore often does not have the same unit economics as analogue printing technologies (hundreds of thousands or millions). Flexo, gravure, and litho may be preferable options for these run lengths. It is challenging to achieve a perfectly matched, smooth hue using digital printing since it uses combinations of tiny dots of ink to match particular colours. Therefore, lithography, flexography, and gravure are frequently used by packaging printing services near me for brands that demand a nearly exact colour match for their logo or other brand aspects.


Your design is engraved into metal cylinders during gravure printing by packaging printers in Coimbatore. The printing device steadily adds ink to each cylinder according to its designated colour to produce a high-quality image. It is frequently used for food products with flexible packaging and is advised by the best package printers in Coimbatore for intricate package designs.

Pros Gravure has an advantage in ultra-high volume print projects over lithography and flexography because it is faster and less prone to deteriorating image quality over time. By collaborating with dependable packaging printers in Coimbatore, you can generate your product packaging quickly and affordably without sacrificing quality.

Cons For printing packages in Coimbatore in small quantities, this printing option may be pricey. Gravure printing is best suited to assignments that print millions of copies with no modifications to the artwork or text because setup can take weeks and cost tens of thousands of rupees. Digital printing might be a better option for your business if you don't need to generate many packages in a short period of time and need variety.

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As suggested by the name, this method employs a woven silkscreen to produce your pattern. Some of the material is covered with a non-permeable substance, and the ink is applied to the remaining sections with packaging printing services near me. Because the printing surfaces do not have to be flat, this form of inking can adhere to a number of materials, including paper, fabric, glass, and metal.

Pros Screen printing, as opposed to offset lithography and gravure, is most appropriate for small-scale work with your local packaging printers in Coimbatore. Although production is quite slow, this approach is the most cost-effective for these little assignments because to its cheap setup expenses.

Cons Large-scale businesses shouldn't use screen printing because of its slow production rate. It will be best to use offset lithography, flexography, or gravure printing if your requirements are stringent.