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Evolution Of Offset Printing: A Simple Definition

In today's world, there are many various printing techniques, with offset printing in Coimbatore being one of the most prevalent. Don't worry if you've never heard of this word before; our printing professionals at High5 Prints are pleased to explain how offset printing press in Coimbatore works and when it should be utilised. Simply put, offset printing is a printing technique in which a connected image is offset from a plate to a rubber blanket, and then to the printing surface.

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Robert Barclay invented the first rotary offset lithographic printing press in 1875 in England. The new technology combined mid-nineteenth-century transfer printing procedures with the rotary printing press, which uses a metal cylinder instead of a flat stone. With the rise of photography towards the end of the nineteenth century, lithographic forms fell out of favour, and offset printing became more common.

Offset printing has seen continual evolution from its inception to the present day. Prepress production is now one of the most significant aspects of the printing process. This stage ensures that all files are processed appropriately in preparation for printing, which includes converting to the correct CMYK colour model, finishing the files, and producing plates for each colour of the job to be run on the press. Magazines, newspapers, stationery, books, and brochures are some of the most prevalent applications of offset printing in Coimbatore today. Currently, offset printing presses create 50% of printed products in the United States.

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Offset printing press in Coimbatore provides a lot of advantages over other popular printing technologies such as digital printing.

Cost — Offset printing is the most cost-effective way for mass-producing high-quality prints.

Image of High-Quality – Offset printing is one of the most effective methods for producing sharp and clear images and type. Because the rubber blanket adheres to the texture of the printing surface, this is possible.

Fast and Easy – Offset printing is a quick-turnaround printing solution since printing plates are simple to produce.