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Everything You Need to Know About Foil Stamping

Hot stamping is a modern method that was first developed in the late 1800s. It is being used to raise the perceived value of things by creating visual attraction. A foil is a thin film that is coated with colours and used in the hot stamping process to apply them to a product. The pigment is applied to a clear film, which serves as a carrier for the colour to be transferred to the product.

Much like in foil stamping services in Coimbatore a coloured sediment layer is on the second layer of the foil, and a heat-activated adhesive adheres the sediments to the product on the third layer. Foil stamping, like embossing and spot UV, may be used on a variety of paper materials. Stock with a smooth, even surface, rather than textured or lined materials, works best.

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Foil Stamping Types:

You can use one of the four hot stamping processes described below, depending on your substrate and desired finish:

  • Flat foil stamping is a simple and cost-effective method of applying foil to a substrate using a copper or magnesium metal stamp. It creates a foil design that appears to rise above the surface.
  • Foil designs are stamped vertically on flat surfaces and cylindrically shaped sections using vertical foil stamping.
  • Sculpted foil stamping, which employs brass dies to create a raised image with a carved appearance.
  • Foil heat transfers are applied to the product's outside perimeter – throughout its whole circumference – in a process known as peripheral foil stamping.
  • To produce a rich effect, gold and silver colours are commonly utilised. There are a variety of finishes available when you search for ‘foil printing near me’, including glossy, matte, metallic, holographic sparkles, and wood grains.

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    Foils that are used:

    Different varieties of foils can be used to produce unique packaging and goods that match your marketing campaign or brand image.

  • Metallic foil comes in a variety of colours, including silver, gold, blue, copper, red, and green, and has an appealing patina.
  • Matte pigment foil has a muted appearance yet a vibrant colour depth.
  • Gloss pigment foil, which came in a variety of hues and blended a high gloss with a non-metallic appearance.
  • Holographic foil is a futuristic, eye-catching material that transfers hologram pictures.
  • Special effects foil can be used to create a variety of textures, such as those that resemble leather, pearl, or marble.
  • The Hot Stamping Process

    Foil stamping services in Coimbatore use machines in the process of hot stamping. To attach a thin layer of foil to the substrate, the foiling die on which your pattern is etched is heated and stamped with high pressure. The use of heat and pressure is the primary method for achieving the desired outcome on the substrate. Brass, magnesium, or copper can be used to make the die. Although it is a costly buy, it has numerous applications and is thus well worth the original outlay.

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     flex banner printing in coimbatore

    The Benefits of Foil Stamping

    The colour of the foil is unaffected by the colour of the substrate on which the pattern is imprinted because foil stamping does not employ ink. On deeper coloured sheets, light and metallic foils can be applied simply. Foil stamping services in Coimbatore employs hot stamping that allows you to experiment with your branding and packaging by achieving a variety of finishes. This technique's eye-catching effect also makes it a wonderful way to stand out in a sea of competitors' items.

    Embossing & Debossing, Spot UV, Window Patching & Soft Touch are some other print finishing techniques to choose. Foil stamping has a lot of possibilities for elevating and revitalising old packaging designs. Foil stamping provides your products and brand a better perceived value, whether it's to add a little pizazz to your logo or to enhance your artwork designs.