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Do you know which material do ID cards are made of by Printing Services in Coimbatore


Teslin is a flexible, highly printable, waterproof, and tear-resistant synthetic paper material used commonly by the best ID card printing near me. Because of its flexible surface, it is frequently used in the ID badge industry and printing services in Coimbatore to receive both dye-based ink jet printing and other options for offset and laser printing.

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Teslin is also a common substrate in driver's licences. Teslin genuine cards are offset printed with fine-line detailed secure printing with rainbow, guilloche, and variable sized micro-text. The back of the card, on the other hand, is frequently left blank, lacking machine-readable technologies (barcodes) and redundant data. For best ID card printing near me color laser printers are used to personalise Teslin cards. Following printing, the cards are laminated and additional security features, such as embossing and holographic lamination, are added.

However, Teslin has a significant flaw: it is easily available online, and its printability makes it vulnerable to various forms of fraud for printing services in Coimbatore. Teslin is available in sheets or as pre-cut templates for ID-1 (CR-80) sized cards. A quick Google search for "Teslin paper" will get you started. This provides the counterfeiter with an easy head start. Costs vary, but Teslin is typically available at a reasonable price for quantities greater than 1,000 with best ID card printing near me. Furthermore, pouch-type laminates are available and reasonably priced.

For counterfeiters, Teslin is the preferred substrate. Our recent study of high-quality fakes concluded that, even when genuine driver's licences and IDs were produced on various substrates, including polycarbonate, the counterfeiter chose Teslin to simulate the fakes due to its ease of manufacture. Because Teslin is used in the production of the majority of today's genuine driver's licences, many front-line inspectors would be unconcerned if presented with a Teslin counterfeit.

PET/PVC Composite

PET, or Polyethylene Teraphthalate, is the second option. This material is frequently found in composite cards made up of layers of PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) bonded together with special adhesives and pressure that are used by printing services in Coimbatore. These cards have a reported life of up to 8 years after testing.

The secure PET composite cards are made on large sheets that hold approximately 48 images and are printed on offset printing presses. When printing securely on PET/PVC, each sheet is printed separately, punched together by a machine, and laminated.

Counterfeiters imitate genuine cards by using a thermal card printer. However, the offset printing quality found on these PET sheets made by genuine printing services in Coimbatore are difficult to replicate. Inspectors will notice yellow, cyan, and magenta colours used to imitate the spot colours of the genuine, rather than fine line details.

An inspector is unlikely to be able to tell a PET composite card from a 100% PVC card by feel because tactile features are limited primarily due to the personalization process by best ID card printing near me, which requires an additional layer of protective laminate over the dye diffused or dye re-transferred personalised data. However, because the card can still be manipulated and the material is still widely available, it isn't the most secure option.


Polycarbonate is a tough thermoplastic that is used to make bullet-proof glass and indestructible eyeglasses. 100% polycarbonate sheets are layered in card manufacturing to create the strongest, most durable substrate seen in numerous driver's licence and ID cards today.

Printing services in Coimbatore that work on polycarbonate necessitates a special level of expertise, as does the card assembly process. Each sheet serves a specific purpose: security printing for the front and back, an optically variable device sheet, an antennae and chip sheet if present, and carbon enriched laser layers for personalization. When these polycarbonate sheets are assembled together, no adhesive is required to create a durable card; each layer has tiny microscopic hairs that fuse together under heat and pressure, and 100% polycarbonate cards can last for over ten years.

Polycarbonate enables printing services in Coimbatore the incorporation of a significant number of additional AAMVA Level 1 security features in identity documents, including changeable laser images (CLIs), transparent windows within the document, and positive and negative embossing for tactile recognition.

After punching individual cards from PC sheets with a laser, which excites the carbon in the card and raises it to the surface, personalization is completed. After a sufficient amount of excitement, the carbon will rise to the surface and form tactile features.

If required by law, polycarbonate cards can include either black-and-white or slightly more expensive colour photos.

For a variety of reasons, polycarbonate is regarded as the most secure substrate by numerous best ID card printing near me. First, it is tamper-proof; once formed, the card's layers cannot be separated. Unlike Teslin and PET, you cannot remove the top layer and change the information beneath it... The card would simply shatter.