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Difference between Digital and Offset Printing

So, how can you tell the difference between digital and offset printing when working with the best printing services in Coimbatore? Isn't printing just printing? That's not the case... Let's have a look at the differences between these two printing methods and when it makes sense to choose one over the other for your next print project.

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What is Offset Printing?

In the offset printing process, plates, which are usually made of metal, are used to transfer an image onto a rubber "blanket," which is then rolled onto a sheet of paper. Because the ink isn't deposited directly onto the paper, it's termed offset printing and this is a common technique used by best printing services in Coimbatore. Offset printing is the greatest choice for bigger volumes since offset presses operate so efficiently once they're set up, and it produces accurate colour reproduction and crisp, clean professional-looking printing.

What is Digital Printing?

Digital printing in Coimbatore, unlike offset printing, does not employ plates and instead relies on toner (as in laser printers) or bigger printers that use liquid ink. Think of a run of 20 greeting cards or 100 flyers as an example of where digital printing in Coimbatore excels. Another benefit of digital printing is the ability to print with different types of data. When each component demands a unique identify, name, or location, digital is the only way to go. Offset printing is unable to satisfy this criterion.

While offset printing is an excellent way to generate high-quality print projects for several best printing services in Coimbatore, many organisations and individuals do not require big print runs and digital printing is the best and profitable option.

 Digital Printing service near me
 Digital Printing service near me

The Benefits of Digital Printing include:

  • Short runs have fewer setup expenses.
  • Print only what you require, when you require it.
  • The minimum quantities have been decreased (as low as 1, 20 or 50 pieces).
  • Digital printing in black and white at a low cost.
  • Capacity for a wide range of data (names, addresses, codes or numbering can be done easily).
  • The quality of digital images has improved to the point that they can now be used in a wider range of applications.

The Benefits of Offset Printing include:

  • The printing of large volumes may be done at a low cost.
  • Lower the per-piece cost, the more you can print.
  • There are many different types of paper and unique treatments to choose from.
  • Metallic and Pantone hues is among the bespoke inks offered.
  • Highest printing quality achievable, with more detail and colour fidelity.
 Digital Printing service near me