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Common Mistakes You're Making with Letterhead Printing

Failing to follow the standards

Wrong! Correctly arranged and positioned elements at letter printing in Coimbatore ensure that sheets may be neatly folded to fit inside the envelope so that the address is visible in the window, and that recipients can punch holes in them for archiving without rendering anything illegible. This does not have to limit your creativity. Simply adhere to the global norm established by the regulating organisations. This manner, you can be sure to leave enough room for the sender, recipient, holes, and folds.

"Exquisite typography?" Not required!"

Wrong! What distinguishes properly designed letterheads above all things is that the information they represent is brief and easy to read and absorb and this is something also the letterhead printers near me agree upon. A certain level of typographic skill is required to achieve this. Phone numbers, account numbers, bank codes, and so on, for example, should be separated by spaces.

"The brighter the better — I need to stick out."

Wrong! For one reason, the objective of letterheads is to convey information rather than to stand out. For another, being colourful isn't always the greatest approach to stand out. As a result, firms of letterhead printing in Coimbatore should stick to the colour of your house (s). You can add one more colour if it makes sense, but utilising more than three colours is neither essential nor adds anything.

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"My good name suffices!"

Wrong! Certain information MUST be included on corporate letterheads. Which relies, among other things, on whether or not your company is registered. However, the following information is always required: the company's name, address, phone number, Internet address, and email address. It may also be required to specify the firm's legal structure and/or the name(s) of its directors (s). So, when searching for the phrase ‘letterhead printers near me’ make sure they follow these rules.

"All pages should have the same appearance."

Wrong! If you often send letters that are two or more pages long, you should create two letterhead copies. The first contains all relevant and necessary information, but the second just has a condensed header and footer. Banking information, phone numbers, and so on can and should be omitted from following pages. The logo and company name should be repeated, but smaller and/or slightly modified versions can also be used.

"Any paper will suffice."

Wrong! The paper is part of the overall look and feel of a letterhead and contributes to the first impression it makes when recipients grasp it in their hands and so letterhead printing in Coimbatore must take extra care regarding this. It is also crucial to consider the weight of the paper when sending multipage letters. In India, you can send a letter with 15 or more sheets without paying more, but in many other countries, including Germany, you're limited to three 80gsm A4 sheets before it becomes more expensive.

"I verify everything on the display — that's all there is to it."

Wrong! Printing is especially important when working with small letters say the letterhead printers near me. It's the only way to ensure that the text is easy to read, and if it isn't, you may increase it or use a different typeface. This is simply hard to judge on a monitor screen.