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An Introduction to Letterhead Printing

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What are letterheads?

A letterhead is a sheet of paper with business stationery printed on it. Letterhead designing and printing in Coimbatore is mostly done in A4 format and includes the firm name, address, phone number, website, and corporate logo mark. In constructing a suite of business stationery for corporate use, it is frequently complemented by a Compliment Slip.

What do I include on my letterhead design?

The common design elements on letterheads include:

  • Logo or Word Mark
  • Address
  • Contact Details (Phone Number, Website URL, Mail ID and Fax)

Depending on the type of business you run, you may be required by law to include additional information on your letterhead design.

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What are the standard sizes of letterheads?

The most common letterhead size is A4 (210mm x 297mm). A4 letterheads account for 95% of all letterhead printing orders at High5 Prints. A5 letterhead is the second most popular size (148mm x 210mm). The standard letter size in followed amongst letterhead printers in Coimbatore are 8.5 x 11 inches (215 x 280 mm).

Letterheads are usually generally printed on uncoated paper and can be printed single or double sided. When using uncoated paper, the letterhead can be over-printed when in use, for example, in your office. All letterheads should be printed on laser-guaranteed paper, according to our recommendations. This implies that the letterhead provided by any online printing provider will not come off as the printer heats up, regardless of the model and manufacture of your office or home printer. Most commercial letterhead designing and printing in Coimbatore, and certainly all good printers, will use this paper for their letterheads.

Why are letterheads still relevant?

Letterheads are still useful in today's digital world. Even if you just use digital ways to send your letterhead, it is still referred to as a letterhead. Many of our clients' businesses require printed materials, and for others, delivering a customised document, such as a high-quality letter on headed paper, is a wonderful way to cut through the digital clutter which is why our services of letterhead designing and printing in Coimbatore.

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What size is an A4 Letterhead in mm?

The dimensions of an A4 Letterhead are 210mm broad by 297mm in height. When letterhead printers in Coimbatore design a letterhead for commercial digital printing includes 3mm bleed on the outer border. The print finishing process will remove this area.

What makes a letterhead different from a continuation sheet?

A continuation sheet is a type of letterhead that contains less information. In most documents, the continuation sheet is put after the initial page. The continuation sheet does not require this because the original letterhead has all of the legally required information. This provides for a larger printable area, which is very beneficial for letterhead printers in Coimbatore that print a huge number of papers.

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