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What's the difference between Screen Printing and Digital printing?

High5 Prints a leading printing services in Coimbatore offers two printing processes for bespoke t-shirts and product designs: screen and digital printing. Each printing technique has advantages, but how do you determine which one would best suit your goals, budget, and deliver the required results?

When picking which to employ for your design, our staff will go over all of this with you. Before you start designing your own t-shirt, learn the differences between digital and screen printing.


For items, digital printing in Coimbatore works similarly to a large inkjet printer. Your design is uploaded to a computer, which then prints your items directly. Meanwhile, screen printing necessitates the fabrication of a specific stencil (screen). To accomplish the artwork detail, each colour requires a screen and the application of thicker and many layers of ink.

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For ages, screen printing has been used. It was employed by the ancient Egyptians, and it was first recorded in China in 960AD. The process of commercial cloth printing became prominent during the Industrial Revolution.

Screen printing uses stencils called screens to create personalised t-shirts and items. To generate a complete and finished design, each unique layer of coloured ink is applied by printing services in Coimbatore using an individual screen. So, what are the advantages of screen printing?


Screen printing is ideal for projects that require vivid colours and a softer, vintage touch. Screen printing uses a thick coating of ink to produce a brighter colour finish that works well on darker-colored fabrics and specialty items.


Screen printing is suitable for printing services in Coimbatore when performing high-volume or repetitive batches of printed material and custom t-shirts. The early setup charges can be costly, but as you place more orders, it becomes more cost effective. If you need more down the road, the artwork is already done, so as long as nothing changes, you can easily do another run. Because of the additional materials needed to create the screens and the labour time required to set them up, there is a minimum order quantity.

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The printers may apply layers upon layers of ink to generate various effects due to the thickness of ink utilised in this technique. When designing your own t-shirt and items, screen printing offers a wider selection of inks and dyes to choose from than digital printing.


Screen printing can be done on a variety of materials, fabrics, and surfaces other than cotton and cotton mixes. The artwork on the product can also be readily adjusted into multiple angles or placements.

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Digital technological advancements have improved the printing sector. During digital printing in Coimbatore your artwork is processed by a computer and then transformed to a format that prints straight onto the surface of your product with digital printing.

Because the ink clings directly to the fabric of your garment, digital printing is neither a heat transfer or applique. Here are some of the reasons why it's become such a popular choice amongst printing services in Coimbatore for advertising and personalised items.


Digital printing in Coimbatore is the finest option for high-detail designs. Digital printing is more cost-effective than screen printing for small-scale printing jobs since set-up costs are reduced. Digital is usually the best option if you only need a few.


Because there are no screens to construct and set up, digital printing is faster. A digital design does everything for printing services in Coimbatore in one, especially with sophisticated designs that require multiple screens. Because the ink is applied thinner, it takes less time to dry.

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Digital printing in Coimbatore produces a photographic print quality with more detail than the traditional screen process because it does not require screens and uses thinner ink. If your design calls for a clean, modern look, digital printing may be the way to go. It's worth noting that digital works best with lighter-colored clothing.


Digital printing is the greatest solution if you need to modify your marketing materials regularly or want products personalised. If your printing services in Coimbatore want to make adjustments to your next print run, the screen printing technique can readily accommodate them.


We go to great measures at High5 Prints a reputed brand for digital printing in Coimbatore to ensure that we exceed your expectations, regardless of the printing medium you choose. We provide a variety of products on which you can print your unique artwork, including t-shirts.

We also apply stringent quality control procedures to your items. You may rest assured that you will be pleased with the final output.