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What is the future of digital printing in India?

By 2032, digital print will be worth $230.5 billion, accounting for over a quarter of the total value of all print and printed packaging. This growth will also be seen in digital printing in Coimbatore. In 2022, inkjet accounted for 61.4 percent of digital print value and 62.4 percent of volume. In 2032, this will rise to 74.1 percent in value and 77.5 percent in volume.

This can be seen as a comprehensive study of worldwide digital printing growth over the long run benefiting also the digital printers in Coimbatore. Digital print markets will emerge inside the larger print market, which is transitioning to a more digitalized world. Print markets are influenced by end-user preferences, which are influenced by both the overall economic condition and specific trends and causes.

Technology advancements are having a significant impact on the future of digital printing shop near me, both in terms of digital print machines and workflow and finishing technologies. Developers of inkjet and electrophotographic equipment, as well as ink and toner makers and substrate providers, will continue to invest in the technology.

Our Observation:

  • The influence of important trends and drivers impacting the future of digital printing in Coimbatore over the next ten years, such as sustainability, retail, and supply chain changes.
  • The latest technological advancements coming the way of digital printers in Coimbatore drive the print market. Print services are becoming more personalised for high-spend consumers as part of mixed-channel campaigns, which will promote digital print.
  • Big data and advanced analytics are allowing marketers to have a better understanding of consumer preferences.

What will you discover?

  • Except for transactional printing, which will fall along with direct mail, business forms, and ID cards through 2032, most categories of digital print will see increases.
  • Over time, digital print will gain traction in corrugated, cartons, flexible packaging, rigid plastics, and metal, with corrugated, cartons, flexible packaging, rigid plastics, and metal being the most affected.
  • There will be more local print and packaging production, with less reliance on single-source just-in-time supply with backup and agility to respond quickly to changing market conditions.


This study is based on a substantial amount of primary and secondary research. Targeted interviews with material suppliers, converters, and specialists from important markets formed the basis of primary research. Secondary research included a thorough review of public data, official government statistics, data from domestic and international trade organisations, corporate websites, industry reports, trade press stories, presentations, and attendance at trade shows.

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