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What is Tent Card?

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Brochures can be strategically placed in a variety of settings. Individuals and businesses can use this to spread positive and factual information to a larger audience and attract new consumers. With the help of a sound brochure printing in Coimbatore they are simple to include in promotional handouts you send via mail or on tables in your business. This marketing method enables you to reach out to a large number of potential customers.

A tent card is a self-standing advertising item made from folded and printed cardstock by tent card printing near me. Tent cards, as the name implies, are intended to be used on tabletops, as well as countertops, desks, and other horizontal surfaces. As a result, for maximum effect, they are virtually usually printed in full colour. The same artwork can be printed by printers in Coimbatore on both upright panels (so it can be seen from both sides) or each panel can have a distinct graphic placed on it.

Tent cards are almost often made of thick card material by tent card printing near me. This gives you the stiffness you need to stand up straight. These components can be interlocked using die-cut slits in the base to make a free-standing triangular "tent" shape, or they can be linked using adhesive tape or staples.

The tent card printing orders received by printers in Coimbatore are commonly used to advertise new items or services, special specials, upcoming events, and other promotional messages in restaurants, pubs, and hotels.

Tent cards are used in company showrooms, lobbies, checkout areas, trade show booths, and nearly everywhere marketing communication has to be displayed in a simple, yet effective style, in addition to the hospitality industry.