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What are the products that can print with UV printers

UV printing in Coimbatore has seen a significant increase in popularity in recent years. This type of printer is mostly used to print on promotional items and other flat-surfaced objects. Glass, metal, wood, plastics, ceramics, and a variety of other substrates can all be printed on with UV. A ridged or flexi ink can be utilised by printing press in Coimbatore with printers depending on whether the product is ridged or flexible. Other printers may just have ridged ink as an option.

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UV printing in Coimbatore print and cure ink in an extremely unique way. When UV ink comes into touch with UV light, it cures. A high-powered UV lamp is located on the side of the print head within the printer. The ink is exposed to high quantities of UV light the moment it strikes the surface, causing it to cure instantly. As a result, when the printer is finished printing, the picture on the printed area is totally cured. Some UV printing press in Coimbatore feature only one bulb, while others have two lamps, one on each side of the print head. Because most printers only have one bulb, all prints must be printed in a single direction. As a result, just the first right to left pass is printed when the print carriage moves from right to left and then left to right. By doing so, the printer will print from right to left and left to right during both passes. When bi-directional printing is enabled, the print speed increases dramatically.

When printing on promotional items such as pens, a jig is used to hold many pens in order to maximise print output. For pens, coasters, phone cases, lighters, key chains, and so on, there are a plethora of pre-existing jigs. High5 Prints a renowned UV printing in Coimbatore takes it a step further by creating custom jigs to assist you maximise production of any product you want to sell.

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Can you print on garments with it

is a question that is frequently posed for printing press in Coimbatore. No, that is not the case. Because absorbent materials like t-shirts allow ink to permeate deep into the fibres, UV light is unable to cure the ink. The UV ink is also a solvent, so it's not as safe as the water-based ink used for DTG. Leather and windbreaker-style garments, on the other hand, can be printed on since they do not absorb moisture and do not come into contact with the skin.

Whether you're selling promotional products or just printing them for a promotional product supplier, a UV printing press in Coimbatore can easily become a business in and of itself. When you combine this printer with an existing DTG printer, you've got yourself a full-service store.

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No Guarantee of People Getting Attracted

Customers may be dazzled by advertisements in the mass media, but this does not guarantee that they will seek services for their betterment once coming acoss an outdoor sign board design. It entails a significant degree of risk and expenditure.

Causes A Distraction to People

When people are driving down the road, they are occasionally distracted by large banners or outdoor signages in Coimbatore and end up reading them. This can result in serious accidents as the individual's mind becomes preoccupied while driving, causing aggravation to everyone else on the road. Some banners and signboards fail to deliver the intended message to clients and might be a waste of money.

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