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What are the Paper Sizes for the Offset Printing?

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Stock for Paper and Cards:

Paper is the starting point for the entire printing process for offset printing in Coimbatore. Paper comes in a range of weights and qualities, and depending on their paper suppliers and presses, each printing company has distinct alternatives. When working with offset printers, you'll find the most diversity of paper possibilities because operators can adjust the press based on thickness and coatings. Digital printers used for print-on-demand, on the other hand, have a restricted number of paper alternatives.

Size of Parent Sheet:

Parent sheets are big pre-cut pieces of paper with 4–16 pages of a project on each side or 55 poker cards on each side used by offset printers near me. They come in a variety of weights and are frequently gloss or matte pre-coated.

The number of parent sheets used is one of the most important factors in the cost of a printing project, which is why standard sizes (8.5′′ x 11′′, 6′′ x 9′′, 9′′ x 12′′) and page counts (multiples of 16) are usually the most cost-effective options for offset printing in Coimbatore because they maximise the number of parent sheets used.

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Weight of Paper:

The term "paper weight" refers to the thickness of the paper stock. Text, cover, index, bond, bristol, and other weight classifications are available, as well as the metric system classification of grammes per square metre. A lighter weight suggests a thinner paper when comparing within a certain classification of paper.


Text is a type of paper that is most typically used for book interiors. The weight of text stocks is usually expressed in pounds (abbreviated as lb. or #).


Cover is a heavier kind of paper that is most typically used for book covers and is measured in points (noted pt.) and pounds (noted lb.).


The metric system's universal measure for paper weight is GSM (grammes per square metre), which can be translated to lb. and pt. For example, 55 lb. text is 80 gsm, and 14 pt. cover is 350 gsm. Card paper is the most common example of this term.

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When comparing paper stocks, make sure to compare both weight and classification, especially when comparing quotes from various nations. Many offset printers near me, for example, may price you for "80 lb. cover," which is far heavier than "80 lb. text." If you're not sure where to start, you may always refer to our industry standards websites for guidance.


In the paper weight section above, the GSM (grammes per square metre) measurement is frequently applied to playing card stock. The thicker the cardstock, the higher the number (300 gsm, 310 gsm, 330 gsm, 350 gsm). When choosing a paper weight for your playing cards, keep in mind the core, which is the material that sits between the two pieces of paper that make up your card (e.g., 300 gsm Blue Core, 330 gsm Black Core).

What is the Purpose of a Card Core?

The core's job for an offset printing in Coimbatore is to make your card more robust and less transparent. The cores are coreless, grey, white, blue, and black, in order of decreasing quality. Many card printers use different terminology to describe cores, so check the name and ask for a sample if feasible. Ripping a card in half will reveal the core colour, which should be visible.

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Making a Decision on a Card Core

Because their cards will not be handled regularly, most board game designers will choose a coreless cardboard. Our card game inventors, on the other hand, choose blue and black core since their games revolve upon cards, which are often held in the hands of players during the game.

Coating on Paper

During the papermaking process, a coating is applied. The way inks are absorbed by the paper is affected by coating, which keeps halftone dots and text crisp for offset printers near me. A coating can be applied to any paper weight, and the choice of coating is mostly a creative one.

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