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What Does GSM Mean in Paper Quality?

This is one area where printed brochures manufactured by flyer printing in Coimbatore outperform online-based marketing and promotion techniques. There are several factors that go into making your website content readable. To begin, the site design must be responsive, meaning it should work effectively on both mobile devices and laptops.

The paper specimens vastly used by printers in Coimbatore must contain at least 10 sheets with a total area of not less than 600 square centimetres, according to Brittania (100 square inches). All tests are carried out under normal conditions because the characteristics of paper fluctuate with moisture content.

Our customers frequently inquire about the optimal paper type for their project of printing in Coimbatore. You will need to choose a paperweight when placing your order with any printing company in Coimbatore. This is understandable because you can't see or feel the paper when you order online, so it's a bit of a scary proposition placing an order when you have no idea what to expect.

Let us offer you an example of a paperweight and how it might appear or feel:

  • A very thin paper of 35–55 gsm is typically used by printers in Coimbatore for newspapers or books with thousands of pages.
  • Photocopy paper is typically 90–100 gsm in weight. This is what you'd get when you buy a pack of 500 A4 sheets in a supermarket for everyday printing of newsletters, handouts, and administrative materials. If you need your print to be corner stapled, this is the weight to choose. We use it to create our free printable times tables as well as the inside pages of our hardback and paperback books with this type for printing in Coimbatore.
  • Premium paper weighs between 120 and 140 grammes per square metre. This is ideal for prints, flyers, notifications, and anything else that requires a little more heft than regular paper.
  • 200–300 gsm card is a thin card that bends readily yet stands up well when folded. This is highly recommended by printers in Coimbatore for greeting cards, certifications, brochures, and posters of high quality.
  • Business cards, high-quality greeting cards, postcards, and brochure covers would all be printed on 300–400 gsm card.

The paperweights available at Hig5 Prints printing company in Coimbatore are 80 gsm, 100 gsm, 120 gsm, 130 gsm, 160 gsm, 170 gsm, and 300 gsm. Our business cards are printed on 400 gsm paper.

When ordering, you'll notice that the different weights are either plain or satin. Which one you choose is a personal choice, but here's a general idea:

Plain — matt and bright white; ideal for huge amounts of text.

Satin has a silky sheen and is best for complete coverage.

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What is the difference between thickness and gsm?

The thickness of paper is another approach to express its characteristic (or caliper). This is the thickness of a single sheet of paper in thousandths of an inch (or points), or millimetres in the metric system. Caliper is measured with a micrometre, a device that applies a static load for a specified amount of time to measure minute thicknesses such as paper. Texture, fibre, and density all influence the thickness of the paper.