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Tips on How to Make Your Carton Box Elegant

Idea #1 for a Box Design: Tell a Story

What better approach to connect with your customers than to introduce yourself and give them your story? Stories are an excellent approach to engage on a more personal level with your customers. Tell them about yourself, your background, and what is important to you through carton box printing in Coimbatore.

Kashi, an organic breakfast cereal manufacturer, debuted "stories" on the back of their cereal boxes in 2016 with the help of best quality printing services in Coimbatore. These vignettes featured full-color images that detailed how the meal was prepared and where it originated from. They emphasised genuine people, such as farmers, millers, and others involved in the cereal production process.

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Of all, there's only so much space on the back of a cereal box. As a result, Kashi provided a link to their website where interested customers could see a more in-depth film on the subject. Services of carton box printing in Coimbatore

Idea #2 for a Box Design: Use Patterns

Use a variety of patterns on your retail packaging boxes. Approach the best quality printing services in Coimbatore to get patterns and desings that are in trend. Popular patterns include chevrons, stripes, polka dots, and herringbone. Use them alone or in combination with other photos.

Idea #3 for a Box Design: Make Use of Every Available Space

A bespoke product box manufactured by carton box printing in Coimbatore consists of more than one side. Why not get more bang for your budget by covering the entire box with significant artwork, sayings, or brand information?

There's a reason why lifestyle brand FabFitFun's subscription box designs are all over Instagram and featured in so many YouTube unboxing videos. They switch up their mailer boxes depending on the season, but they always utilise vivid graphics and make use of the entire box - inside and out.

Idea #4 for Box Design: Keep it Simple

Slopes & Town, a Dutch company, sells accessories such as multi-purpose belts and socks made of bamboo fibres and recycled plastic. The company's mission statement emphasises sustainability and minimising waste. The best quality printing services in Coimbatore have now begun offering products inspired from the works of such brands. This includes its environmentally friendly packaging, which is frequently constructed of kraft paper. They don't go overboard with their bespoke boxes.

Idea #5 for a Box Design: Don't Forget About the Inner Sections

Companies related to carton box printing in Coimbatore say the outside of a box may make an impression, but that doesn't imply you should disregard what's within.

The Turbo Flyer from Tait Design Company comes in a box that also serves as a cardboard carrying case. The balsa model aeroplane kit's numerous pieces fit nicely inside. So, whether you want to put it in your closet or take it to the park, you can be assured that your plane will be safe.

Idea #6 for a Box Design: Use an Interesting Shape

Boxes are not had to be cuboids. They're often rectangular for simplicity of storage and transportation, but there's no rule that says you can't have a triangular, hexagonal, or whatever-shaped box. A prism-shaped box concept for a soap firm is shown below.

Idea #7 for a Box Design: Keep Your Product in Mind

Keep your product in mind at all times. What's inside should be reflected in the box and packaging, this is something that the best quality printing services in Coimbatore follow. Consider the Australian firm Young Willow, which specialises in fashionable, high-end baby presents such as apparel, bibs, books, and small toys.

One look at their website reveals the classy style they're looking for. With this brand, there are no gaudy primary colours to be found; everything appears smooth and gentle. Their packaging reflects their brand image even more, similar to what firms with carton box printing in Coimbatore.

Baby showers are huge business, and what better way to elevate the gift experience for that expecting mother-to-be than to offer your gift in a beautiful box? Young Willow's gift boxes are so lovely that they sell them separately on their website.

The bespoke packaging boxes are available in gentle muted colours like lavender, green, and pink pastels, with the brand's name stamped on the top with the best quality printing services in Coimbatore. When you open the box, the muted colour palette continues on the inside. This is not a box that will be dumped into the recycling bin.

Idea #8 for a Box Design: Include Some Laughter

A little playfulness might go a long way depending on what you're offering with your carton box printing in Coimbatore. A warm plate of cookies can bring out the kid in everyone. Thelma's chosen to play with their cookie cartons.

Instead of using one of those ubiquitous pink pastry boxes, they chose something much more memorable: a customised oven box. I can practically taste the cookies.

Idea #9 for a Box Design: Be Daring

Ray and Charles Eames are perhaps the first names that come to mind when you think about mid-century modern design. They have garnered numerous design prizes, and their furniture has been displayed in museums all around the world which have gone on to inspire many carton box printing in Coimbatore today.

So, it's hardly surprising that a lot of care went into the bespoke boxes that housed something as simple as children's building blocks.

Eames House Blocks are meticulously wrapped in a packaging that represents the Eames' refined but unfussy brand. The box is a simple shape with simple graphics, but its boldness comes from the crisp geometric shapes infused with strong red and black hues.

Idea #10 for a Box Design: Make it Presentable

A beautifully designed custom box by the company with the best quality printing services in Coimbatore is sometimes as much a part of the gift as what's inside. Tea drinking is a tradition in many civilizations. With a selection of tastefully equipped gift boxes, Teabox takes this experience into people's homes.

When you open the artistically designed box, you'll find two delicious mixes of Indian tea tucked inside in glass vials. The gift-like box design increases the recipient's experience.