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Tips About Multicolor Printing from Industry Experts

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What types of images will work ok?

If you are scanning photos from photographs yourself, you should save them in either tif or eps format. These image formats will keep your photos' colour and clarity the best.

Color shifts and blurriness can occur when file formats such as gif or jpg compress the image's colour and pixel quality. Because jpg and gif are the most common image formats on the web, copying an image from someone else's website and using it in your layout isn't a good idea.

To ensure that your colours are smooth and hard objects are sharp, scan your photographs at a resolution of 300dpi at the final proportions you intend to utilise. In other words, don't scan at 300dpi and then increase the image in your layout application by 200 percent! Another reason the best printing services in Coimbatore say is to avoid using photos taken from websites is that they are likely just 72dpi in resolution and will appear very grainy when printed on a printing press.

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Do I need to send my fonts to multicolour printing companies?

No, if you only use the fonts that came with MS Publisher. However, if you use fonts from other sources, multicolor printing in Coimbatore will almost certainly require you to collect copies of them, compress them using a program like Winzip, and give them to us along with your layout file.

If you don't know how to accomplish this, go over your manuscript carefully and make a list of the typefaces used. Send us that list, along with your order reference number, so we can check to see if we have your fonts.

Will my printed piece look exactly like it does on my computer monitor?

There are a few minor distinctions. Images are created by scanning and digital cameras utilising only three colours: red, green, and blue (called "RGB"). These are the colours that computer screens utilise to display images. However, multicolour printers in Coimbatore use a distinct set of hues to produce full-color images: Cyan (blue), Magenta (red), Yellow, and Black (called "CMYK"). So, in order to print on a printing machine, your RGB file must be converted to CMYK at some point. Using an image editing program like Photoshop or Corel PhotoPaint, this is simple to accomplish.

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Can I use colored text?

It's better not to colourize little text that has been magnified. What happens is that the uniformity of the position of the different colour plates varies slightly between printing presses. This is referred to as misregistration by the best printing services in Coimbatore. The letter characters' cyan, magenta, yellow, and black sections do not line up perfectly. As a result, the characters are surrounded by coloured halos. It's fine to use coloured text on huge headline type or lesser sizes down to around 12-point size, but anything smaller will be too apparent and you won't like it. White lettering on a dark or colourful background has the same effect. You can accomplish that, but stick to point sizes of at least 12-point. Otherwise, the words could be interpreted in a variety of ways.