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The Most Common Mistakes People Make with Visiting Card Printing

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Leaving Out Contact Information

A business card, as we all know, is a small piece of paper. Even so, it is a valuable and effective marketing tool for connecting with prospects, customers, or clients, as well as fellow business owners, all while promoting your brand.

Before you visit a business card printing in Coimbatore or begin envisioning the details of your new business card design (colours, text, features, etc), make sure to include the following essential information:

  • Full Company Name
  • Your Name
  • Title/Specialization or Job Title
  • Company Address
  • Website
  • Email Contact
  • Phone Number
  • Social Media Handles

Outdated Information

Would you consider someone reputable if they handed you a business card with an out-of-date email address? What if they had struck out certain information and rewritten it in ink on the card? What kind of impression does that have on potential clients or customers?

The cost of the services of business card printing shop in Coimbatore are really inexpensive. Don't be scared to order fresh cards and trash old ones with obsolete information.

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Grammatical errors communicate to your customers that you are unconcerned with the finer points of your business. Everyone, of course, makes mistakes from time to time particularly went to a printing shop after searching for phrase such as urgent visiting card printing near me. Customers, on the other hand, have a legitimate expectation that you proofread your business cards before handing them out.

Poor-Quality Card Stock

It's critical to choose the right card stock. A card can, indeed, have a beautiful design and function. However, once they're in the hands of the receivers, make sure they're not too light and flimsy. Having a low-quality business card can imply that you and your company offer low-quality goods and services.

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Unreadable Text or Tiny Print

It doesn't matter how nice a design you have if your buyer can't read the print on the card. On your card, avoid utilising difficult-to-read typeface. When your customers are unable to see the text, trying to be too creative can backfire. Make sure to play about with the font size as well. If you're targeting an older audience, for example, make sure your business card printing in Coimbatore utilise larger, simpler writing. If you want to include more information, avoid utilising small fonts.

Visual Clutter

Make sure the design isn't overly busy while thinking about photos, graphics, patterns, and text. It can not only appear busy, but it can also cause your information to become misplaced.

It's probably too much if you have three or four images on your card. This can potentially be too much if you find yourself overlapping photos with text. business card printing shop in Coimbatore makes sure to not overcrowd the visiting card with too many pictures of lower quality.

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Not Utilizing the Back of the Card

During the design process, the back of the business card is frequently disregarded or overlooked by some of the business card printing in Coimbatore. Using the back of your card instead of the front is a missed opportunity to incorporate more information. There are plenty of innovative ways to use the back to make a great and long-lasting impression, whether it's a business slogan, social network profiles, product data, QR Code, inspiring quotation, or special coupon.