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The Importance of Printhead and the Right Option for Flyer Printing

The printhead is one of the most important components in any flex banner printing in Coimbatore; the type of printhead employed has a significant impact on the project's ultimate outcome. Here's all you need to know about different printheads and how to choose the best one for your particular printing project.

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What is a printhead, Exactly?

Printheads are a component found in all types of flex printing in Coimbatore and are responsible for transferring the intended picture to the print media of your choice. The printhead sprays, writes, or drops ink onto your paper in the pattern required to create the final picture.

The mechanism is made with a number of electrical components and multiple nozzles that will hold the different ink colors. Most often, printheads will include inks including cyan, yellow, magenta, and black with additional colors sometimes including light magenta, and light cyan.

The print nozzles during any flyer banner printing in Coimbatore will get information from the electrical circuits informing them of when and how much ink they need to output. Printheads are most commonly encountered in inkjet printers, where the print head component is located on the inside of the ink or printer cartridge.

When an image is transmitted to the printer, the printhead receives the image information as instructions, after which it determines the required intensity, amount, and position of ink. When the calculations are performed, the head will advance horizontally, line by line, until the image is completed.

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Printheads have many different types

Piezoelectric and thermal printheads are the two main types of printheads used in the process of flex printing in Coimbatore. The types of images created by these print heads varied, as does the way the image is made.


While both printheads use drop technology to deposit ink onto your chosen flex banner printing in Coimbatore, each printhead works in a unique way. Microscopic piezoelectric devices are built in behind each of the print nozzles in the piezoelectric print head. An electrical charge will be delivered to the element, which will cause the nozzle to move backward, allowing the ink to be dropped. A precise amount of ink will be placed into the substrate as a result of this movement.

Because this printhead is controlled by an electrical charge, it can act similarly to an on-off switch, allowing for a significant deal of control over the amount of ink that is dropped. These printheads are well-known for their ability to produce flawlessly shaped dots of various sizes in flex printing in Coimbatore. UV-cured, aqueous, and solvent-based inks work well with piezoelectric printheads.

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Thermal inkjet technology is an alternative to piezoelectric printheads. The printhead in thermal technology is powered by heat rather than electricity. The process of thermal printing is similar to that of boiling water. The thermal technique will electrify the miniscule resistors behind the print nozzle, resulting in a tremendous amount of heat. As a result of the heat, the ink will evaporate, forming bubbles that will expand quickly and erupt onto the paper or substrate when making flex banner printing in Coimbatore.

Once the ink has been ejected from the nozzles, it will cool fast before being refilled, and the procedure will be repeated. Water-based inks, including as latex inks used for outdoor signage and a variety of textile applications, are best suited for thermal printheads.


  1. When employing specialised inks, as well as to acquire the required outcomes from your printed item, selecting the right printhead is essential for flex printing in Coimbatore. Individual drops of ink applied to the substrate during printing have an impact on the image's overall quality. Smaller drops result in more definition and resolution. This is very useful when designing writing that is easy to read, such as text with fine lines.
  2. When you need to print quickly and cover a broad area, greater drops are best. Printing larger flat objects, such as large format signage, requires larger drops. If your item demands high resolution or has small or fine details, a piezoelectric printhead with better control over droplet size will deliver the best image quality for flex banner printing in Coimbatore. Thermal technology can make making larger but less intricate pieces less expensive and often provide you with a piece that is suitable for your purposes.
  3. The type of ink you use, as well as the quality and detail required by your finished product, will be the two most important factors in determining which printhead is suitable for your project.