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Popular Marketing Trends in Printing Service

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Direct mail campaigns

Direct mail programmes are a cost-effective way to reach out to new, inactive, and existing clients alike. They are reasonably priced and include personalised designs that keep your business in the spotlight. Vast number of printers in Coimbatore believe that in 2022, direct mail initiatives are likely to continue to grow.

Mail list sourcing

Mailing lists are used by businesses to boost their community visibility. Restaurants, gyms, and retail establishments, for example, have been sending special event discounts to local people for more than two decades with digital printing in Coimbatore and customising these lists to target a certain population based on age, income bracket, or lifestyle is now easier than ever.

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Design services

The significance of providing design services by printers in Coimbatore are beginning to be recognised by printing firms. Even tiny printers now have a graphic designer or digital print specialist on staff. Growing this segment of the business allows commercial printers to remain competitive in the market because, rather than relying solely on printing revenue, they can standardise the business customer experience while also earning additional revenue from logo design, page layouts, photo retouching, and even website design.


One of two manufacturing processes projected to be popular in 2022 is shimmering. This multi-step method generates a distinctive 3D effect that draws attention to one or more parts of a print design, making them stand out against the background. Restaurant menus, wedding invitations, and business cards, to mention a few, are all popular uses for shimmering.

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Laser cutting

This method has the same dramatic impact as shimmering but is more sophisticated for digital printing in Coimbatore, which is why 2022 is the year it will be used. Laser cutting is becoming increasingly popular for creating invitations and holiday cards because it allows printers to precisely outline even the most intricate design features while also creating a distinctive textured finish. Laser cutting produces an exquisite, fashionable end product when completed with gold or coloured foil.