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Little Changes in Letterhead Printing that'll Make a Big Difference

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Decide on the content

What information should be included on your letterhead? You'll need enough information to establish your identification, but not so much that the website becomes cluttered.

It's also important thinking about how particular you'll have to be with the letterhead printing in Coimbatore. Will the design be used at more than one business location, for example? Is it possible that you'll be changing offices in the near future?

If this is the case, having your corporate address in the design may not be the greatest option. Similarly, email addresses and websites should only be added if you know they'll work in all of the letterhead's applications and will be valid for a long time.

Go back to your brand

Your firm's brand standards might assist you in establishing certain design requirements for your letterhead to ensure that it is consistent with the rest of your organisation when a digital printing services in Coimbatore work on it. It will also save you time when choosing colours and fonts.

Review your brand values and company tone of voice in addition to looking at the practical guidelines like colour, typeface, and sizing. This will ensure that you're presenting the entire brand personality, not just a consistent aesthetic impression.

It's also a good idea to collect the important assets that best define your current brand, such as your email templates, website, printed marketing materials such as Business Cards, social profile pages, and product packaging. It will be easier for you if you can see them all in one spot.

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Find a font

You may have already chosen a typeface for your letterhead printing in Coimbatore as part of your overall company branding exercise, or you may be beginning from scratch.

If the latter is the case, consider some of the fundamentals before diving into font websites and lists, as these resources can rapidly become overwhelming if you don't know what you're looking for.

Choose your layout

A letterhead can be designed in a variety of ways by professional digital printing services in Coimbatore. You can break the rules and create your own strategy, just like you can with other aspects of your branding. However, if you prefer to adhere to the basics, there are a few tried and true techniques to set up your letterhead that you should be aware of. We'll have a look at them now.

Whatever you choose, keep in mind that the purpose is to create a blank canvas for a future letter, not a completed work of art. Your branding and design should always complement the content of the finished letter rather than conflict with or overpower it. If you're unsure, make it simple. Try mocking up and printing a design similar to the font.

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Pick your paperstock

The thicker the weight of the paper, the more premium and professional the final product will be. Beyond that, you have a few additional choices, like the paper finish (smooth or textured) and the colour tone of the paper. Many businesses like white, but if it fits your brand, you can go with a warmer white, cream, or pale blue.

Consider color

Although your logo and corporate typeface should be mirrored in your letterhead, this does not mean that all of them must display, especially if your logo or font is intricate or detailed. Remember that the letterhead is really a supporting character, not the main attraction.

This is a wonderful place to start letterhead printing in Coimbatore when choosing colours if you have a brand colour palette. If not, go back over your logo design and pick two or three contrasting colours to use as your palette.

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