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How many types of plates are there in offset printing?

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If you're unfamiliar with the word, offset printing in Coimbatore on the idea that oil and water do not mix. The technique begins with the burning of an image onto a plate; the burned parts attract ink, while the clear areas attract water. The plate is then placed on a printing press and exposed to water and ink before being imprinted into a rubber mat. The picture is transferred to the paper when it is pressed against the mat.

There are various different types of plates used by offset printers in Coimbatore that can be used in the offset printing process, including:

Diazo Coated

Diazo is an organic substance that is used by offset printing press in Coimbatore to coat these plates. This enables the plate to easily withstand short press runs (less than 250,000 paper impressions).

Photopolymer Coated

Another organic chemical called as photopolymer is used by offset printers in Coimbatore to cover these plates. This increases the plate's abrasion resistance and wear resistance. It is the most often used type and is best for longer runs (up to one million impressions).

Silver Halide

The photosensitive substance used during offset printing in Coimbatore to coat these plates is identical to that used to coat photographic film. This is only suitable for single colour projects and short press runs (up to several thousand impressions). The silver coating is removed during the procedure.


The picture area of these plates is prepared in such a way that it attracts a toner-type ink coating (the ink is similar to that used in toner printers). This kind is usually found within printing duplicators and is utilised for two-color operations.


A layer of silicone has been placed to the surface of these plates. The water (which is normally used to keep the ink restricted to the image layer) is no longer required because this layer clings exclusively to the non-ink receptive regions of the plate.

As you can see, there are a variety of plates that could be used in offset printing in Coimbatore – each has advantages and downsides, necessitating a case-by-case evaluation of jobs. However, as previously said, photopolymer coated plates are the most frequent type due to their durability and versatility. If you as an offset printing press in Coimbatore want to utilise a different plate for any reason, please talk to your printer about it.