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How many types of flex printing banners are there?

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What exactly is a Flex Banner?

We've all seen promotional banners for a variety of organisations and events while driving along the highways, and flex banner printing near me are one of the most often utilised banner kinds for marketing.

Have you ever wondered why flex banners are referred to as "flex banners" by flex printing shop in Coimbatore? Well, "Flex" is just a word derived from the word "flexibility," and it has been used to this banner since it is extremely easy to print due to its material quality, which is made up of PVC material including an organic compound mixture, and it has been dubbed "Flex Banner."

What are the different types of flex banners?

Flex banners come in a variety of styles, including front-lit, backlit, block out, and black/grey back flex banners. Customers can choose flex board printing near me based on their needs, such as event marketing, product introduction, or roadside billboards.

  1. Frontlit Flex Banners: In basic terms, front-lit banners are those that have lights pointed towards the front side of the banner. These banners are available in both glossy and matte finishes.
  2. Backlit Flex Banners: Due to their low translucency, these banners have a high transmittance since light comes from the backside of the banner, resulting in a clearer and more apparent image.
  3. Block Out Flex Banners: Block out flex banner material is ideal for showing high-resolution graphics and can be printed on both sides by flex printing shop in Coimbatore due to its superior material quality. We've all seen banners at malls that are printed on both sides. These banners are known as block out flex banners.
  4. Black/Grey Back Flex Banners: Black flex banners with a glossy surface and a weight of 510GSM are available in two yarns: 500D * 500D (9*9) and 300D * 500D (18*12).