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Everything That You Will Need to Know About Gold Foil Printing

Gold foil printing in Coimbatore, in our opinion, gives a beautiful and appealing premium aspect. It implies that the owner of the business card you received or the event organiser of the invitation you opened is concerned about the presentation and takes pride in it. First impressions are important when it comes to gold foiling in Coimbatore, and metallic foil print is not only eye-catching, but it also jumps out as looking amazing. The soft-touch background and silky shining foil give it a lovely tactile experience.

There are two sorts of foiling equipment and methods to generate a foil look in today's printing world: foil stamping, which has origins in the past, and digital foil printing, which is leading the way in stunning, cutting-edge, yet economical metallic foil print and these are some important information to know before you search for gold foil printing near me.

Traditional Foil Stamping Vs. Digital Foil Printing

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The Traditional Foil Stamping Method

Traditional foil stamping with hot foil stamping machines was the only means to obtain a printed foil finish on paper until recently. Stamp foiling involves pressing gold foil into paper with custom-shaped hot plates. The gold foil sets via debossing (producing an indentation) and pressure applied by the stamp, therefore it works best on thicker materials.

The gold foil stamping technique is time-consuming because each work or design requires its own stamp plates. As a result, it is extremely artisanal and, as a result, may be rather costly. The biggest disadvantage is that you are sometimes

compelled to choose from pre-made stamp patterns for your gold foiling in Coimbatore, which limits your customizability. You'd need a separate foil stamp for each name you wanted foiled on your invites, or even a few different names on your set of gold foil business cards. They're also not cheap!

Our Digital Foil Printing Method

Because it is printed straight from a computer file, digital gold foil printing in Coimbatore is a lot easier to do. The result is a smooth print rather than an embossed one, as with the classic foiling block approach. As a result, it is more easier to create and provides a more cost-effective option for the consumer, with few downsides.

You'll never be forced to employ a pre-made design because our digital foil printing technology eliminates the need for stamps. Individual names on gold foiled invites or alternative styles for gold foiled menus are suddenly quite simple. You could do this with gold foil stamping, but if each print was different, you'd need a lot of different stamps, which would be quite expensive.

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Finally, with our digital foil printing, there is no need to wait for the printer to be set up because all of the information is stored digitally. We can just acquire your approval of the files and print them in a couple of days, whereas gold foil stamping could take weeks.

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How Does Your Gold Foil Printing Method Work?

We use our high-pressure foil printer to place your selected foil colour, which comes in rolls, on our digital foiling technology. When gold foil is heated quickly and put onto paper, it detaches and sticks to any ink-printed surface. You might be wondering why the gold foil doesn't adhere to anything on your design. We'll have to print it in two stages to get the look of only having foil where you want it. First, whatever you don't want to be a metallic foil is printed. The print layer is then sealed with a matt soft-touch laminate. Finally, only the areas of the design you desire in foil are overprinted in black. The gold foil is then sent through our machine to adhere to the surface.

Which Gold Foil Print Method Is Best?

Without stating the obvious, we believe that digital gold foil printing is the most effective. The sheer number of personalization choices available provides so much more value to our consumers. From having far more elaborate foil designs to having other designs or components of your prints gold plated, the possibilities are endless. While there's no alternative for the embossed texture that traditional foil stamping provides, the money you'll save by printing digitally is substantial. Particularly if you prefer a gleaming reflected gold foil than a duller conventional foil with embossing.

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