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Digital vs Flexo printing: Difference Between Them

Product labels are an important aspect of any company's marketing strategy. Details are crucial since they're a key role in brand recognition, transmitting important product information, and can make the difference between a buyer purchasing or passing on a product and it's important to hire the best digital printing in Coimbatore for top-tier quality.

It can be difficult to choose between Flexo and digital printing in Coimbatore for your packaging labels, but we can help. Let's have a look at some of the different factors to see which one is best for you.

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Flexo Label Printing

Flexo label printing is similar to stamping unlike digital printing in Coimbatore. Ink is placed to rubber printing plates with elevated areas that, like stamps, produce the image to be printed. The plates are rolled across the printing area after being mounted to cylinders. This printing procedure is a true craft, and press operators must undergo months or years of training to master it.


This method works with practically any label material, so it's a perfect choice if you need your design printed on a specific surface or need to include lamination or foiling in the process. Flexo printing will also always be the precise shade if you need to match an exact Pantone hue. This might not be the case for digital printers in Coimbatore at rare occasions. For long print runs, flexo is also a cost-effective option.

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Each colour requires its own custom-made plate unlike for digital printing in Coimbatore, thus complicated designs will necessitate a large number of them. Due to the high cost, it is not suitable for short runs.

Digital Printing

A digital picture is transferred to the printing surface by directly applying toner to it in the process of digital printing in Coimbatore. Consider a large, high-end colour copier in your office.


Without the use of plates, digital printing allows you to produce a clean and perfect image every time in one pass. In addition, unlike Flexo printing, digital printers in Coimbatore may simply make many variants of an image without having to use a new set of plates.


This approach can only be used on particular types of materials, and adding lamination or foiling requires a separate process. Also, because vastly digital printers in Coimbatore blend toners to obtain the proper colour, precise Pantone colour matches aren't always feasible, even if the colour is generally extremely close.

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In the end, the best printing method for your labels will be determined by the qualities that are most important to you. It's also worth noting that digital printing in Coimbatore is more cost-effective in smaller batches or when printing multiple variations, whereas Flexo printing is preferable for a single design printed on a bigger scale.