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An Introduction to One Way Vision Print

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What is a one way vision banner ?

As the name says, one way vision is a self-adhesive vinyl banner film that enables vision from one side but blocks it from the other. As the best Flex Printing in Coimbatore we observe an increasing number of malls, glass facade buildings, shopping centres, and complexes as a result of the expanding number of malls, glass facade buildings, shopping centres, and complexes. The goal of these films is to make glass windows not just a source of privacy, but also a powerful advertising tool. The use of a glass frame by flex printing in Coimbatore, often known as a one-way glass panel, can be used to obscure the interior view.

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One-way vision banners find usage almost at all locations where you can find glasses, you can easily see them almost everywhere. According to surveys of the best flex printing in Coimbatore by the end of year 2025, we will see 25% of the corporate building, malls and alike place covered with one way vision vinyl film. Applications of these banners amongst flex printing in Coimbatore listed below are just for reference their usage is much more exclusive than mentioned below :

  • Malls
  • Corporate office
  • High end outlets
  • Shops
  • Hospitals
  • Airport
  • Coffee outlets
  • Food joints
  • Service centers
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Is it possible for me to install these films on my own?

Yes, these are self-adhesive films, and sticking them to the glass window isn't rocket science; they're simply pasted like a poster. Only when the size is vast and the distance is great do we offer professional pasting, which costs Rs 15 per sq ft and varies by region.

Benefits of one way vision films

  • Excellent tool for marketing and advertising
  • It is often utilised in moving vehicles such as buses and automobiles.
  • Hide the office's day-to-day activities.
  • Longevity and durability
  • Enhance the lifespan of the glass frame
  • No need to acquire an expensive one-way vision glass frame because it can be pasted on a regular glass frame.
  • Avoid scraping and damaging the window frame.