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Recent Trends in 3D Printing Sector

Manufacturing businesses will be able to use existing technologies instead of waiting for a mature 3D printing technology as a result of 3D printing innovation.
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Technology Advancements will Reduce Operator Intervention:

As 3D printing technology progresses, the industry's attention will turn to pre- and post-production operations. Although the majority of tools generated using 3D printers can be used without any additional finishing, some tools still require detailed finishing. The methods that go into such endeavours are costly and time-consuming for most 3D printing companies. Pick-and-place robots can help expedite several time- and cost-intensive processes in the post-production stage of numerous 3D printing companies. By combining industrial automation with simulation software, post-production processes can be made

more efficient without the need for operator intervention in 3D printing service.Because it helps predict failure in advance, simulation software is becoming an important part of the pre-production stages. In the long run, this eliminates overheads such as time and expenditures.

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Integration with Existing and New Supply Chain Will Broaden Applicability:

In 2017, we saw the adoption of 3D printing technology in supply chain activities, resulting in shorter lead times and tool-free production. 3D printing is a tried-and-true asset that can handle a wide range of resource-intensive jobs. By connecting with existing supply chains and its transformative potential to build a digital supply chain from the ground up, 3D printing companies is expected to make manufacturing supply networks run more smoothly.

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Co-creation and Collaboration will Bring in Ready to Integrate Products:

With the rise of 3D printing in the manufacturing industry, software, hardware, and service providers will be able to work together more effectively. It will encourage the development of highly optimised and simple-to-integrate products. We anticipate that this industry will work more closely with its customers. Because it combines customer market understanding with manufacturing knowledge and 3D printing software, co-creation will become ubiquitous. They have the potential to have a transformative effect when they work together.

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Introduction of Prototyping Complex Commercial Products:

Because it is widely used to translate 3D plans into real objects at a cheaper cost, metal 3D printing is quickly becoming an absolute necessity. Up to 75% of new aeroplane components will be 3D printed by 2021, according to estimates. Although metal 3D printing will never completely replace traditional production methods, it will continue to expand as an important aspect of lean innovation. Metal 3D printing will be the go-to technology for prototyping commercial products and solving challenging manufacturing problems in 2018 and beyond.